We are the leading specialist for clean room production of high temperature resistant thermoplastic films.

01 Production

In any quantity and for all industries, fast and reliably.


Film extrusion

LITE offers films from 14-1.500 µm thickness and up to 630 mm width. We process commercially available polymers, as well as tailored compounds.


Film slitting

LITE supplies tapes ≥ 7 mm width of all its film grades. LITE developed different slitting technologies depending on film‘s thickness and material type.


Clean room production

Both, the extrusion lines for film extrusion as well as slitting lines are installed in a clean room ISO 8 (acc. to ISO 14644). On demand the cleanliness class can be increased to ISO 7.


From prototype to mass production

Together with our clients we develop films of best fit for the targeted application. We support in early stage prototyping as well as mass production.

A positive togetherness is at the center of each cooperation. LITE always acts on equal terms and aims for the best possible result for its clients.

For more than 25 years LITE has been a reliable partner delivering innovative and custom-tailored solutions to its clients.

  • Independent consulting

    LITEs goal is to supply films of best fit for its clients‘ applications. We are not exclusively bound to raw material suppliers and therefore free to consult independently.

  • Short decision making processes

    Decisions are made fast to ensure short respond times to our clients.

  • Best possible supplier ratings

    It’s one of our major quality goals to acchieve best possibel ratings by our clients.